We partner with global
leaders to transform
the future.

Part consultancy, part agency, Istoria is a Collective of artists, strategists, dreamers and innovators who leverage the power of story to solve problems, change mindsets and foster growth. Put simply, we help companies, organizations and the people behind them both initiate and navigate change by designing shared experiences that establish new narratives. If you change the stories people believe to be true, the stories they live begin to change. At Istoria, we believe that every challenge and problem you’re facing is a storytelling problem, and the solution is to offer and establish a new narrative, changing the stories that people tell themselves.

In addition to our client work, we internally develop content for both stages and screens, bringing stories to life through a myriad of film, television and immersive theatre projects. We are also the producers of STORY, a gathering of top storytellers from around the globe. Attended by creative leaders from some of the biggest brands in the world, STORY has quickly become one of the most positive and disruptive forces for transforming the future through the power of stories. Click here to learn more.

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